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Promoted by MiBAC, ARCUS, the Italian Cultural Institute and the ARMUSER Association, the DIVINAMENTE NEW YORK International Festival on Spirituality will travel to New York from Rome for the second consecutive year. Divinamente New York is a five-night festival that celebrates spirituality and artistic exploration through a range of events including musical and theatrical performances and round-table discussions.
Divinamente New York is the off-shoot of the Divinamente Roma Festival, founded in 2008 by Italian actress, director, and cultural icon Pamela Villoresi. Mrs. Villoresi has appeared in over one hundred plays, eleven films and twelve television productions. She has had the pleasure of working with a number of famed actors including Vittorio Gassman and Nino Manfredi, and some of the greatest directors including Marco Bellocchio, the Taviani brothers, Ettore Scola, and Giorgio Strehler.
The theme of this year’s Divinamente New York Festival is “The Fear of God”. Around this theme artists of different ethnic and cultural origin come together this year, looking to a God who is not only welcoming and reassuring, maternal and tolerant, but also severe, punitive and the bringer of justice. Fear and Trembling are the feelings which men of faith have tried most to arouse in the faithful or the unfaithful. The word of peace has often become an instrument of war, and the signs of religion the banners of armies. The Festival opens on Thursday April 22nd at the Italian Cultural Institute with a round table on the theme Fear of god, with the help of Pamela Villoresi with readings from “Noah’s Ark” by Michele di Martino, Dante’s “Inferno” and “The Bacchae” by Euripides; followed by The path of the soul with Russian duo Anton Dressler, clarinet, and Uri Brener, piano, in an original concert featuring a number of different styles and composers.
Next, at the Symphony Space Teresa De Sio’s secular prayer invokes Paradise on earth through popular music; the Rubin Museum is the stunning setting for the story of the love between Galileo Galilei and his illegitimate daughter Suor Maria Celeste, played by actress Federica Bern; at St. Mark’s Church Vanessa Gravina enacts on stage the courage of Francesca, the Saint of Emigrants.
The closing event, on Monday April 26th, again at the Italian Cultural Institute, will feature the warm and captivating voice of Evelina Meghnagi as she relives the exodus of the Sephardic Jews through Africa and Europe to the Roman community

Detailed description of the shows

Thursday april 22nd

5.30 pm Round-table discussion

Fear of god

with the IIC Director Riccardo Viale and Artistic Director Pamela Villoresi with readings taken from Noah's Ark by Michele di Martino, Dante’s Inferno, and The Bacchae by Euripides.

7.00 pm Presentation of the Festival with Riccardo Viale and Pamela Villoresi
followed by

The path of the soul

Anton Dressler clarinet, Uri Brener piano, accordion

Two outstanding musicians of Russian origin take us on a fascinating musical journey starting from Debussy’s Rhapsody, Massenet’s Meditation and Ravel’s Kaddish, to improvisation and jazz, to the music of the troubadors and Jewish and Klezmer music.

Uno straordinario duo di origine russa guida un percorso musicale di grande effetto, da Debussy, Massenet, Ravel, alla musica dei trovatori, ebraica e klezmer.
Friday april 23rd

8.00 pm
Teresa De Sio


Teresa De Sio vocals acoustic guitar, percussion, Attilio Costa acoustic guitar, Egidio Marchitelli acoustic guitar 12-string guitar, mandolin, Vittorio Longobardi bass, Pasquale Angelini drums, Upapadia percussion, chorus Her violin.

Teresa De Sio has designed this original musical performance specially for the Festival. Using as her starting point her song Amén she calls on the gods to intervene in earthly matters. Like a sort of secular prayer, Teresa De Sio’s popular music is an encouragement to build a better future, attempting to build “Paradise” on earth

Come una preghiera laica, la musica popolare di Teresa De Sio è un incoraggiamento alla costruzione di un futuro migliore e, insieme, un ringraziamento a chi, in attesa di un’eternità, cerca di costruire un “Paradiso” in terra.
Saturday april 24th

9.00 pm

Stellarum Opifice

A tribute to Sister Maria Celeste Galilei
by Valeria Moretti, with Federica Bern, music David Baritton Giacomo De Caterini, stage setting Marco Carniti Nicolas Hunerwadel, video installation Francesco Scandale, light designer Paolo Ferrari director Marco Carniti.

Galileo’s daughter Virginia was born in 1600. At the age of thirteen she entered an enclosed convent, where she was to remain for the rest of her short life. What emerges in this performance is the wish, which was never to be fulfilled, to see her father again.

Figlia di Galileo, Virginia venne alla luce nel 1600; a tredici anni entrò in un convento di clausura, dove rimase per tutta la sua breve esistenza. Lo spettacolo è tratto dal loro carteggio.
Sunday april 25th

8.00 pm

Francesca, the Saint of the Emigrants

by Enrico Groppali, with Vanessa Gravina, video Andrea Giansanti, music Stefano Saletti, assistant director Tiziano Panici, director Maurizio Panici.

Francesca Cabrini, known as the Saint of the Emigrants, is a wonderful example of courage and solidarity. From the United States to South America and Europe, this little nun created schools, hospitals, and orphanages, involving artists, thinkers and politicians in her universal project of peace.

Francesca Cabrini, la Santa degli emigranti, è un meraviglioso esempio di coraggio e solidarietà. Dagli Stati Uniti al Sudamerica fino all’Europa riuscì a creare scuole, ospedali e orfanotrofi, coinvolgendo nel suo progetto artisti, pensatori e politici di diversa fede.
Monday april 26th

7.00 pm
Ashira Ensemble

From voice to voice Sephardic & Yemenite lines

a concert by Evelina Meghnagi, guitars, oud Domenico Ascione, percussions Arnaldo Vacca.

From songs in Judeo-Spanish to the melodies of North Africa and those of the Italian tradition, a journey through the regions of the world of Jewish music. The warm and captivating voice of Evelina Meghnagi gives a fresh colour to ancient melodies. An extraordinary concert, a fascinating mix of languages and music, of melodies and rhythms, of the archaic and the contemporary.

Uno straordinario concerto, un intreccio prezioso di lingue e musica, arcaicità e contemporaneità. Dai canti in giudeo-spagnolo alle melodie del Nord Africa e a quelle della tradizione italiana, la voce calda e avvolgente di Evelina Meghnagi sa connotare di tonalità moderne le antiche melodie.


Italian Cultural Institute

686 Park Avenue

Founded in 1961, the purpose of the IIC is to strengthen the cultural links between Italy and the USA by promoting academic exchanges, organizing visual arts exhibitions, sponsoring the translation of Italian books, promoting Italian studies, music, dance, cinema, theater, architecture and literature.

L’IIC e’ stato fondato nel 1961 con l’intento di rafforzare i legami culturali tra l’Italia e gli Stati Uniti attraverso la promozione e la sponsorizzazione di eventi relativi all’ambito musicale, della danza, cinema, teatro, architettura e letteratura.

Peter Norton Symphony Space

2537 Broadway at 95th Street

Symphony Space fosters artistically and culturally diverse performing arts, literary, and film programs that bring artists and audiences together in an atmosphere of exploration and intimacy. Today, thirty-one years later after its foundation, a neighborhood favorite has become a New York institution, that still brings artists and audiences together to make magic.

Il Sympony Space è volto alla promozione artistica e culturale di diverse forme d’arte in grado di immergere gli artisti e il pubblico in un’atmosfera intima. A trentun’anni dalla sua fondazione, da teatro di quartiere è divenuto un’istituzione newyorkese che ancora unisce artisti e pubblico in un ambiente magico.

Rubin Museum

150 West 17th Street

The Rubin Museum of Art (RMA) is a nonprofit cultural and educational institution dedicated to the preservation, study, and enjoyment of Himalayan art. Opened to the public in 2004 RMA draws more than 100,000 visitors a year. The museum also serves as a venue for traveling exhibitions critically acclaimed.

Il Rubin Museum of Art è un’istituzione noprofit culturale e di formazione volta alla tutela, allo studio e alla diffusione dell’arte Himalayana. Inaugurato nel 2004, RMA attira piu’ di 100.000 visitatori all’anno. Il museo viene anche utilizzato per mostre itineranti acclamate dalla critica.

St. Mark’s Church

131 East 10th Street

St. Mark’s Church is a progressive Episcopal Church, a center for modern dance, experimental theater and poetry, and a community gathering space and emphasizing his role in creating the life of the Church. St. Mark’s has a special interest in supporting emerging artists and also hosts modern artistic endeavors, holding events year round.

St. Mark’s Church e’ una chiesa episcopale progressista, un centro di danza moderna, teatro sperimentale e poesia, una comunità in fase di espansione che enfatizza il proprio ruolo creando la vita della chiesa. La Chiesa di St. Mark è volta in particolar modo a promuovere artisti emergenti ed eventi di arte contemporanea che hanno luogo durante tutto l’anno.