Festival Internazionale della Spiritualità "DIVINAMENTE"

Un progetto ideato e realizzato da A.R.Mu.S.e.R. e LAGAZZALADRA Srl

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To recall the Unity of our Nation within the context of a broader reflection means to reflect on the historical events and the sacrifice, including human sacrifice, which were the price paid for unification; it means to rejoice in the wealth of our cultural heritage and to become its spokespersons.
That is why we are celebrating 150 years of Italian Unity with the Festival of Spirituality.
The Italy which we are proud to celebrate is not only the Italy that has been, but also the Italy that is (and will continue to be) capable of developing: an ongoing process of construction, a project for the acceptance of diversity, of solidarity; a project brought to life by the freedom of courageous and sincere spiritual enquiry, a place that welcomes all those who believe in human dignity and happiness, and express values which provide comfort, cohesion and solidarity in the midst of diverse opinions and beliefs.
Of course, to celebrate the founding of a State means to ask questions on topics such as the Home Country, the Promised Land, Exodus and Exile: in particular we wish to recall the stories of those who have been forced to leave their native land, precisely because Italy was made by those who stayed in our country, but Italy was also made great by those who had to face the risks of emigration, landing on the American continent and leaving indelible traces of their presence and their roots, just as today Italy is made better by all those who are forced by need or by persecution to come to our country to live and work.
The artistic program attached, which provides an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of words like Home Country and brotherhood, and also on the meaning we can give today to our national Identity, draws on Italy's enormous artistic heritage, both past and present, while at the same time giving audiences around the world a chance to enjoy seeing some new Italian talents.



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